Designer Dog Beds to Diamante Cat Collars – In Store & Online

Creatures Great and Small offer an extensive range of products for your pampered pet, including leads, collars, coats and designer clothing. From everyday items such as snacks and treats, or quality pet food, through to luxury pet products like designer dog beds and diamante collars for your dog or your cat.

And unlike some pet stores, we know what we are talking about. Our most treasured customers visit us regularly to seek our help, it may be advice on an ailment, arrange a grooming appointment, or choose a new dog bed to match the new home decor.

With pet shops on the high street of Brentwood and Billericay, Creatures Great and Small has almost 20 years of operating experience in the local area. Our pet product range available online includes:

  • Luxury dog beds – including Chester & Wells, Danish Design, Scruffs and Arctic Fox
  • Designer dog leads – leather, canvas, Flexi, retractable, Puchi and Mulberry
  • Designer harnesses from Puppia, Puppy Angel and the New Range from Bobby
  • Dog collars, by Bobby, Hunter and Puchi
  • Cat collars including models with Swarovski crystal
  • Cat scratching posts and activity centre from Karlie and Bobby
  • Dog grooming products – combs, slicker brushes & Pet Head Shampoo
  • Pet carriers and strollers by Puppy Angel
  • Dog hoodies and jumpers

With telephone and e mail support and the advantage of High Street Stores with local parking, we are a step ahead of the competition and you are only a click or phone call away from your local pet care expert.

Dog & Cat Grooming Service – Including Pet Condition Assessment

Much more than just a fantastic pet shop, Creatures Great and Small also provide a comprehensive range of pet care services to ensure your pet's overall health and well being.

Our popular first class pet grooming service includes tending to your pet's nails, feet, eyes, ears, fur, cleanliness etc. Your pet's physical condition is assessed during the session and any problems or potential conditions noted and discussed with you. Our specially trained staff are well versed across all of our pet products and services so they can advise you expertly. Our skilled grooming staff are City and Guilds trained, so your treasured babies are in safe hands.

Easy Parking in Brentwood & Billericay

When you visit our pet stores in Brentwood and Billericay, you will find easy parking and our helpful staff will be pleased to assist you to your car with your purchases.

Check us out now, with a visit, a call, or a quick email to choose that special pet purchase, book that haircut or arrange dog walking.

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