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When you visit our store, you can be sure to find everything you need for your loved pet. From exciting food options to useful care and pamper products, our store is the go-to place for all things pets. If you require specialist food products for your pet, some recommended by your vet, our staff will be happy to take you through your options and provide valuable suggestions, even including dietary products And after years of research we are now comfortable in working with a manufacturing partner to bring you our own range of quality dog and cat food at a realistically competitive price.

Whatever your nutritional aims we will work with you to provide your dog or cat an unrivalled choice of flavours, including chicken, lamb salmon or trout, with choices of kibble size ideal for your pet.

As well as offering the widest choice of pet food in the area, all from quality manufacturers including James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin and Hills Science our prices are hugely competitive too. And in addition we stock a whole range of treats which include the popular varieties widely available to individually handmade treats from Pooch’s baked in a barn in Norfolk. 

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Award winning complete raw & frozen food

Our award winning range of complete and balanced raw meals, gently steamed cans and pouches, raw meaty bones and natural treats provide a convenient, simple and safe way to feed dogs and cats a healthy diet every day. 
And finally, If you think your pet is looking off colour or indeed a little stodgy then why not pop into our stores and ask for him to be weighed. We’ll be delighted to help and offer a specially selected diet for your special friend. Just as what you and I eat shapes our health, the food you feed your dog can have a significant impact on his health and wellbeing. He is entirely reliant on what you feed him. So check out our food choices, and we are simply here to help you. By choosing a better diet for your dog you are giving him the best chance of a healthy, long and happy life. The old saying "you are what you eat" also applies to your dog!
Not sold in supermarkets, a naturally healthy hypoallergenic food to help dogs and cats that suffer from food allergies and digestive intolerance. The recipes are made with natural ingredients that pets need throughout their lives. Extensively stocked in store and we can also supply any variety in any quantity within a couple of days.

Royal Canin

Tetra Fish Food

Pooch's Treats

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